You scan

Scan the QR code on the pack of meat.


You see where your meet where processed. 

The source

You will find out where the lamb is from. 

The pasture

You will see wich kind of vegetation pasture the sheep where in.


– You will find out how your meat is spiced -

Hefur þú ekki QR skanna?

Skráðu númer býlisins hér inn og sjáðu hvaðan lambakjötið kemur.

About us

This project is a collaboration between the Nature Institute of the Westfjords, the ‚Farm Food Direct' – association (Beint frá Býli), the company Iceland fish export, a farm in Húsavík and a farm in Gemlufall in Westfjords and Snerpa (a telecommunications service provider). The project was funded by the development fund of the Westfjords in 2014 to get the project started.

We want consumer to be able to see where their meat originates and what steps it has gone through on the way to you. You as the consumer can then choose from which farm you would like your meat and decide what taste you prefer, since the pasture influences the taste of the lamb meat.